Pain Relief Gel

Betacaine® Topical Anesthetic Gel for Fast, Effective Pain Relief

Nothing has proven to relieve pain better than patient-tested Betacaine® enhanced gel. This prescription free topical anesthetic gel numbs the nerves near the pain site, to give superior pain relief that is targeted and quick.

Because most pain creams contain skin stimulants (like menthol or capsaicin), they only mask the pain and provide limited relief. Because Betacaine® enhanced gel contains up to 5% lidocaine, it actually numbs the nerves at the pain site, blocking pain within minutes!

Betacaine® contains the maximum concentration of topical anesthetic allowed by the FDA for over the counter products. Because of this, Betacaine® provides fast relief for some of the most painful skin conditions. A key to its performance is our revolutionary dual phase micro-emulsion delivery system which reduces the likelihood of skin irritation.

Pain sufferers now have an effective alternative to pain pills, anti-depressant drugs, anti-seizure medications and painful shots to manage minor pain conditions. The problem with most oral medications is that they spread through the bloodstream to the whole body, often with unwanted side effects. Over time the body adjusts to these medications which means more pills or shots are required to get the same relief. This can lead to the risk of prescription drug addiction. Betacaine® to date has had no reports of adverse events associated with the use of the product.

Betacaine® Topical Anesthetic Gel

  • Cool – the alcohol cools and soothes as it penetrates the skin.
  • Quick – up to 5% lidocaine content offers a topical anesthetic effect that is fast-acting and effective within minutes of application.
  • Clean – the petrolatum base is self-occlusive, with no messy dressings required.

Betacaine® has the potential to revolutionize pain management because it is applied directly to the area of discomfort. Betacaine® gets to the source of the pain fast.

Proper Use of This Medicine

In very chronic and severe cases Betacaine® may not be 100% effective since severe pain often involves the central nervous system as opposed to the peripheral skin and nerves of the body.

Betacaine® should be used with caution in patients receiving class-1 anti-arrhythmic drugs such as tocainide or Mexiletine, even though peak blood levels (with three patches) will only reach one-tenth of therapeutic arrhythmia concentrations. Caution also needs to be used when using this product with patients with severe hepatic disease. Problems with skin irritation appear to be relatively mild and infrequent, and systemic side effects also appear to be relatively rare and mild because of the low levels of systemic absorption into the blood stream.

Unless otherwise directed by your health care professional, do not apply Betacaine® to open wounds, burns or broken or inflamed skin.

Avoid eye contact, because it can cause severe eye irritation. If the medication makes contact with the eye, immediately flush out the eye and consult your physician if irritation does not subside.

Use only as directed by your health care professional. Avoid applying more than the recommended number of topical systems or using the topical gel for longer than the recommended time.

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